Brand Gravity

Objects are attracted to each other because of a fundamental force of nature, gravity. Sir Isaac Newton understood this when an apple famously fell from a tree onto his head in the late 1600’s. At 10 THOUSAND FEET we understand a form of gravity works in business today with consumers attracted to brands by the fundamental force of being highly visible and having an attractive brand persona.

The most famous form of brand gravity on display today happens to also include an Apple, with thousands of customers queuing up for every new apple store opening or new product launch.

While Apple’s Steve Jobs had a certain X factor, for the rest of the business world to create an Apple like gravitational pull requires thorough planning and monitoring; knowing which advertising is working; knowing how consumers view your business’ personality;  which groups of stakeholders are buying from you and which are being attracted to other brands gravitational pull.

Read on to understand how three of the more basic laws of Brand Gravity can be researched and so engineered to give you an Apple like gravitational pull.

Law 1) Consumers need to know you exist to buy from you. Without the knowledge that you exist and provide a product or service in your product category no further interaction with your brand is possible. We conduct surveys to understand which types of consumers know you exist and which don’t. We also look at how the consumers came to know about you so you can determine how to make yourself more visible to key audiences.

Law 2) Consumers who know you exist, need to want to buy from you. We conduct surveys to determine what percentage of consumers who know you exist in a category actually want to buy from you. We can then delve deeper to research what attracts consumers to purchase in your category and compare that to what consumers think your brand stands for. Armed with this knowledge you can adjust your advertising messages and business fundamentals to be more attractive to consumers.

Law 3) Consumers need to take the step from wanting to buy to actually purchasing from you. We conduct surveys to understand your brand’s pulling power, highlighting  the percentage of consumers who want to buy from you versus those who actually buy. We research what the blockages are, and which competitors are seen to be closest or most likely to take customers away from you due to a stronger gravitational brand pull. With this knowledge you can improve conversion rates and make all the resources you spent becoming visible have a greater impact.

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