Channel Strategy

If you are a wholesaler, a franchisor or licensor of a product; service; brand; or technology, your success is heavily dependent on the relationship you have with your distribution partners.

Working with over 100 wholesale/franchise/licence brands we understand the space and have developed a series of research solutions to help you get the most out of your current relationships, grow your channels and be the company that distributors, franchisees and licensees want to work with.

Within the distribution channel model the areas that we provide research for and consult on include:

Expansion- How others have expanded their network and how you can do the same.

Selection- Selecting partners that will suit your offering and business model.

Attraction- How to make yourself attractive to different types of partners.

Satisfaction- For the health of working relationships making sure you keep your existing network of partners satisfied.

Change Management – How to get your network on board with tactical and strategic changes you are looking to put in place.

Improving each partner – Evaluating partner performance and encouraging improvements in areas that are critical to you and your partners.

Value proposition – quantifying the value you provide to your network and showcasing your achievements.

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