Dean Templeton

Former General Manager | Converse Australia

The team at 10 THOUSAND FEET are proactive, experienced and professional and importantly understand the dynamics of our market really well. We have continued to use their services over the years and continue to be impressed.
Simon Beaty

Managing Director | Snooze

10 THOUSAND FEET provide a range of quantitative and qualitative research services to us and are always looking for ways to add value and strategic insight.
Clare Hanlon

Associate Professor | Victoria University

The quality of personal service and professionalism that the 10 THOUSAND FEET team has provided is impressive. The clear processes and informative approach made our job easy.
Chris Mavris

Chief Executive Officer | Soul Origin

10 THOUSAND FEET is an essential part of how Soul Origin measures franchisee sentiment and engagement year on year. The quantitative and qualitative data and insights they share with us allows us to move forward with confidence.
Aaron Ng

National Marketing Manager | G.J. Gardner Homes

It had been a while since the G.J. Gardner Homes network had conducted a research piece of this size and scope, so there were a few nerves around it along with quite a long list of stakeholders that the research had to provide value for. From the initial conception of the project through to delivery however, Ian and the team from 10 THOUSAND FEET managed our expectations and guided us in the most effective direction given our budget and timings to answer some very key pieces to the puzzle for Australia's most trusted building company. Their flexibility allowed us to 'mould' aspects of the research with little to no disruption to the end timeline, and a thorough project management processes provided a clear overview of where the project was at at all times. A deep understanding of the franchise structure and inherent intricacies was furthermore something we had found quite unique with the 10 THOUSAND FEET team and of obvious benefit to our business. A great experience from a trusted business partner that resulted in some great findings that are going to be key to continuing the success at G.J. Gardner Homes. We're looking forward to future projects!
Shannon Walker

Former Executive Director | ASGA

10 THOUSAND FEET has been critical to ASGA’s strategy development for the past 7 years. When 10 THOUSAND FEET took over, they made significant improvements that were immediately felt and appreciated by our members. They introduced more robust methodologies and continue to be very proactive in asking for feedback about how the market surveys can be further enhanced as well as what other surveys ASGA members would benefit from. The trends that they report on and track help us in our dialogue with our members, government departments and ministers whose constituents are affected by trends in the sector. 10 THOUSAND FEET certainly knows their numbers and their business, and are a key partner to ASGA.