Custom Research

Losing customers? Wanting to gain more? Conversion rates dropping? Wanting to enter a new market or develop a new product? Whatever the questions running through your mind, can your stakeholders afford for you to guess the answer? That’s where customised research comes in.

We take the time to help you clearly define your problems. Only then will we match the right research technique to the right problem.

Whether quantitative, qualitative or secondary research, the result is a project that is customised to your needs and a solution that reduces your stakeholders risk and get’s your team playing off the same song sheet.

Customised research starts with a brief.

If you have a brief we delve deeper to truly understand what you want to achieve.

If you haven’t yet developed a brief we start with a conversation to understand your organisation and truly understand what you want to achieve through your research project and how it relates to your organisational goals.

Once we have refined your brief we’ll construct a research design and take you through the methodology and research outputs involved in the project.

We choose a collection methodology that suits the research assignment, your preferences and the best way to connect with the target audience.

We have run research projects with a diverse array of collection methods:

  • On the qualitative side that includes: focus groups; depth interviews one on one; website navigations; and observed shops.
  • On the quantitative side that includes everything from: inviting participants to take part in the survey via email, sms, websites, touchscreen displays, pen and paper, intercepts, phone surveys; website heat mapping; and taking existing data files from financial and customer management systems.
  • In secondary research delving into a variety of sources of data, whether trade, government or publicly available.

When it comes to research outcomes, our experience across a wide variety of industries gives you the opportunity to leverage our knowledge and to utilise lateral thinking to cross pollinate collection methodologies, research styles and techniques that were developed in one industry to be used in other appropriate industries.

We have worked on projects and industries as diverse as determining what content should be on the front cover of a human rights newspaper to the bullet points that should be on packaging on underwear; what satisfies an employee versus a franchisee; what satisfies a customer in a café, fitness centre or banking situation; new product development in the grocery market and market entry strategies in retail; tracking sales of sporting goods and tracking sales of small businesses; sizing up markets for wholesalers and determining optimum pricing points for retailers; measuring brand health in business to business and business to consumer scenarios.

With a wide variety of experiences matching the right technique to the right problem, our focus is on providing tangible results that reduce risk in decision making and drive actions.

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