Why Choose Us

At 10 THOUSAND FEET we have a passion for alignment and connectivity

We love purposeful curiosity, finding insights that connect people, nature and communities. By giving you a clear picture of what is happening at key connection points we strive to enable deeper more meaningful connections between you and your stakeholders.

Our first step is always understanding you and your organisation. Aligning your needs to the right research technique and aligning your organisations resources and teams through clear research driven strategy.

It is about defining and tailoring research with a more authentic intent. It’s about respecting traditional research techniques, but having the flexibility to break away from the monotony of formulaic one size fits all approaches, to unravel insights, reduce decision risk and enable organisations to flourish.

Our Experience

We are an ISO 20252 certified full service research agency, providing a range of qualitative and quantitative research services. Our experienced senior team members deliver high calibre research. All our senior researchers have over 15 years of research industry experience, with some having been in the industry for 40 years! We do the hard work for you and between a dedicated senior researcher and dedicated project manager, support your organisation to flow forward.

The industries we have extensive experience in, include: Franchising, Sport, Fitness, Print, B2B services, Café’s and QSR, Finance and Banking, FMCG, Telecommunications, Retail, Media, Government, Associations and Not-for-profits, Education, Environment, Home improvements, Home services and In-Home Care.

We pride ourselves on delivering actionable research

From the beginning of any project, our aim is to deliver results that provide guidelines and direction for effective marketing and operational strategies. We know it’s all about identifying the opportunities for your organisation and how to make the most of them. The greatest buzz we get is when our insights propel organisations forward.

In fairness 10 THOUSAND FEET has not;

    • Grown from 0-400 gyms in 6 years in the franchised fitness category
    • Provided financial wealth advice for 125 years
    • Doubled its market penetration in a mature market for athletic footwear
    • Achieved a 22% growth in its net promoter score in the retail landscape in just two years
    • Transformed to be the number one Online B2B in its category
    • Put a smile and a cake in the hands of families for 110 years
    • Or raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for children’s charities

But our clients have, and we assisted by providing research insights on how to strengthen the key connection points with stakeholders that have enabled them to get their organisations on the same page and achieve their goals.

Our priority is to have long term working relationships with happy clients – 98% would recommend us to a colleague or friend.

We have helped our clients’ people to achieve some pretty awesome stuff. We’d love to find out how we can do the same for you.