Our purpose driven

reason for being.

10 THOUSAND FEET was established 20 years ago in early 2003 by 10 THOUSAND FEET’S Founder & Head of Intelligence Ian Krawitz. Ian left a career with a major multinational research agency because he had a vision to ‘generate positive change’ for our clients and local and global communities at large.

10 THOUSAND FEET was founded with the goal to place giving at the heart of everything we do.

As an independent research agency, from our very first day, 10 THOUSAND FEET has always had a desire to help other’s shine. This philosophy of helping others shine is carried into every single research project we take on. We genuinely care about our client’s outcomes and we hero our clients centred around this very idea, in every project. We also help elevate our clients’ success via public platforms including;

Powering the Topfranchise Awards, to showcase the best performing franchisors
10 THOUSAND FEET’S Sponsorship and running the research behind the AUSactive Member Love and Employer of Choice awards, to showcase gym and fitness brands who have the most engaged stakeholders
CustomerConvert platform to help our clients manage their reputation, and more deeply engage with their customers/ potential customers

As a research agency we love utilising the power of market and social research to create meaningful and long-lasting change for our clients, business partners and the world as a whole.

This same philosophy is what drives us to give to the community. With our self-funded community-based work focusing on bringing communities closer together and making the world a healthier and happier place to live in. At every opportunity 10 THOUSAND FEET strives to give and shine the spotlight on causes in need.

Community projects

Over the years our projects have included…

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability projects under the 10 THOUSAND TREES banner. We recognise the environment for its natural beauty and that without it we are nothing. Some of the projects we have been involved in to champion the environment and the animals and people that rely on it include:

Putting the message of environmentally sustainable consumption out to over 4 million Australians via
multiple communications campaigns.
Planting 5,000 trees on five hectares of land in Irrewillipe, in regional Victoria, Australia
Planting over 10,000 fruits trees and doing urban greening work in schools and urban spaces over ten
different sites in Nepal
To compliment the environmental work undertaken by 10 THOUSAND TREES, over the years, 10 THOUSAND FEET has partnered with a range of clients in providing sustainability research to inform or refine the approach to sustainability initiatives within their organisations. The research helps our clients understand which sustainability initiatives to prioritise and invest in based on a range of possible initiatives (based on what their customers are most interested in), and how to best communicate sustainability initiatives to consumers in a way that will resonate and create cut through, such that they take up sustainable options.

Bringing communities closer together

Via probono work over the years we have supported organisations that drive social cohesiveness, mental health and drug and alcohol education. In more recent years as this work has expanded to supporting various causes such as disability, ageing, homelessness, early childhood, medical research, poverty alleviation and
disaster relief to make it sustainable we run it at a low-bono rate to make sure we drive a meaningful impact for the long term.
Over the last three years we have embarked on a program of research to find ways to bring communities closer together. Watch this space as this research comes to life in the coming years.

Who is invested in


10 THOUSAND FEET is a 100% independent Australian owned company. We are
privately owned, making us an agile and responsive partner to our clients.

Why We Love Strategic Research

Our long-term philosophy:

We have a philosophy and vision of playing the long game, that there is no point in enacting change unless it is long lasting and meaningful. At the same time, we recognise the need for short term wins to build confidence and momentum.

We strive to have long-term working relationships with our clients, half of our business comes from clients who have been with us for 10+ years. We value that partnership and understand that we have to drive value for all clients, whether they are new or longstanding, to build and maintain a strong relationship.

To that end, in every research and community-based project we
undertake, we strive to get to the core root of your issue and needs.
Because we don’t want to just provide a solution for tomorrow, we want to provide solutions that will last well into the future for your organisation.

The greatest buzz we get is when we hear how our research has been turned into action and positively impacted the growth,
efficiency, and sustainability of a client’s organisation.

Why we understand research:

From our humble beginnings 20 years ago to where we stand today, having worked with government, commercial enterprises, associations and not-for-profits we have learnt plenty of lessons along the way. None more significant than the important role research plays in driving the decision-making process.

Not only have we experienced this through years of providing research solutions for our clients, but we ourselves have utilised qualitative and quantitative research to drive our own key investment decisions. Giving us unique firsthand experience of the success market research can provide and helping us build the sustainable client focused business we operate today.

A team of specialists:

We are a unique team of Research Specialists who love nothing more than seeing our research put into action. Based in North Sydney, Australia, we also have team members in Victoria and the United Kingdom and work with clients from around Australia, Asia Pacific and the world.

We bring an action driven mindset, and because our research solutions and mentality touch every element that is required to operate a successful triple bottom line organisation, our advice is never siloed.

We take People, Profits and the Planet into account along with the interconnections in an organisation, the available resources and operational constraints to not just think about the problem at hand, but to find answers that impact your business on every level.

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