Segmentation and Profiling Research.

We love helping our clients understand the different preferences and behaviours of their customer segments. Segmentation and profiling research helps you to tailor your products/services and messaging to be attractive to different segments.

Our segmentation and profiling research services span both qualitative and quantitative research, from questionnaire design and distribution to focus groups, depth interviews and ethnography.

The key with building your segmentation is making it fit for purpose and designing it to be able to be used by all departments in your organisation. Our research design acknowledges that different clients are at different stages and as a result our segmentation research design, segment outputs and algorithms are designed to be fit-for purpose.

Reporting is tailored to each client’s needs with flexibility to go into detail via interactive dashboards, segment predictor tools and video vox pops, as well as providing succinct segment summaries, written insights and presentations on the key opportunities for your senior leaders and board.

At the end of the day our goal is to help you get to the core of your customer segments, taking your understanding of your customers to the next level.

What makes segmentation and profiling research important?

If you can get to the core of understanding your different customer segments you will be able to grow faster. Our years of segmentation and profiling research has demonstrated this time and time again.

Segmentation and profiling can advance your organisation in four key ways:

◉ Tailor your products and services: Different groups of customers want different things from you. With the knowledge of what those different segments look like and what different groups want, you can tailor products/services and associated communications to have greater appeal.
Allocate resources more efficiently: Proportions of your customers fit into particular segments relative to the rest of the market. By understanding this you can acknowledge areas where you may be underweight, and allocate time, efforts and resources to tailor your product/services and messaging to be more attractive to those underweight segments. It will also help to identify segments your organisation naturally attracts allowing you to focus on getting more of the same types of customers.
Overlay with other research pieces: Overlaying other research pieces with the lens of your segmentation will enable you to see how you are performing on key metrics with different segments. For example understanding your brand health for each segment.
Organisational Alignment: By articulating who your customers are and what deep rooted needs your product fills for your customers, your team will more readily get on the same page. We have seen from the senior leadership teams right through to frontline teams, if you can get clear on who your customers are and what they want, you can get alignment and accelerate your decision making and actions to be more appealing to your different customer segments.

So, whether your brand is new to market, a growing brand or a well-established brand, we can help you understand who your customers are and what they want, so you can make better, faster decisions on how to take your customer offer and communications to new heights.

What does a segmentation and profiling study cover at a minimum?

Some of the questions we delve into include:

Who are your customers, their demographics and psychographics?
What is important to your customers in their day to day lives? What attitudes do they have to life and the category you operate in?
What are their likes, dislikes and preferences?
What role do you play in their lives? How do they use your products/services?
How do they behave in their daily life and in relation to your category?
What matters most to them when making their purchasing decisions?

What segmentation and profiling research services do we offer?

Depending on your needs our segmentation and profiling research service can include some or all of the following:

Segmentation and profiling research design to make sure you are exploring and measuring the areas that are relevant for your organisation. Some organisations are at a stage where they can be more nuanced in the way they choose segments to engage with and reach out to than others. As a result, a segmentation should ideally be fit-for-purpose.
Qualitative focus groups, depth interviews, ethnography
Segmentation and profiling surveys questions and the distribution of surveys to the target audience via email, SMS, over the phone or in person
Sophisticated analysis to uncover your segments

Our segmentation and profiling research service spans both qualitative and quantitative research. Helping you understand the hearts and minds of your customers so you engage more effectively with different parts of your target audience.

What outputs can I expect from segmentation and profiling research?

Our segmentation and profiling research analysis services include:

Written reports (which can range from bullet points and succinct board summaries through to detailed insights)
Segment summaries to quickly explain to your organisation who your customer segments are and what is important to them
Video vox pops
Interactive dashboards
Segment predictor tools
Presenting insights to project champions, senior executive teams or the board.
Segmentation and profiling workshops to help you determine the areas you will focus on to improve the way you connect with your target audience

Segmentation research is not a point in time scenario, you need to keep a pulse on how your different segments relate to your organisation across all key research metrics over time. After your first segmentation we typically look to iterate the segmentation to refine it and ultimately help you embed the segmentation in future research. This way you can see whether different segments are in growth or decline amongst your customers and make sure that your product/services and associated communications are hitting the mark.

Want to learn more about how we can assist with segmentation and profiling research?

Book in for a free strategy session with one of our segmentation and profiling research experts. We would love to learn more about your current approach to your customers, the segments you currently focus on and chat about how we can help you to have a healthy, thriving approach to understanding and meeting the needs or different customer groups.