Customer Journey Mapping.

We love helping our clients to map out all the touchpoints and influences in the customer journey. Mapping out these touchpoints helps to identify key moments to be present and avoid potential self-bias found when customer journey maps are created without research.

Our customer journey mapping program covers key phases in the customer journey including; trigger, discovery, evaluation, purchase, experience and advocacy. Spanning both qualitative and quantitative our customer journey mapping research helps you understand the hearts and minds of your customers.

Reporting is tailored to each client’s needs with flexibility to go into detail via interactive dashboards and video vox pops, as well as providing succinct journey maps or posters, written insights and presentations on the key opportunities for your senior leaders and board.

At the end of the day our goal is to help you accurately map out those key customer touch points so you can take your customer journey mapping to the next level.

What makes customer journey mapping research important?

If you map out your customer’s journey you will be able to identify the key moments to be present and effectively engage with your current and potential customers. Years of customer journey mapping experience has demonstrated this time and time again.

Self-bias relating to how customers engage with you and what they are thinking and feeling about their experience with you can be a result of creating customer journey maps without research. Research brings a true customer voice, independence and depth to the process to significantly boost your ability to effectively engage at each touchpoint in the journey and increase your conversion rates at each step along the way.

Customer journey mapping can take your organisation to the next level in three key ways:

Actively map out your customers’ journey: Allocate your time, resources and efforts to engage more effectively by mapping out your customers’ journey from the top to the bottom of the funnel and then onwards through their journey as a valued customer.
Become the brand of choice: Each touchpoint on the journey involves key moments where customers will think, feel, or experience either a smooth onward flow or friction/pain points which are ultimately acted upon. With the aid of research you can map out and articulate, from a customer’s perspective, each of these stages and moments. Enabling you to adjust how you engage with customers at each stage and become the brand they choose to continue their customer journey with.
Greater clarity and alignment: Generate greater cross-department alignment by visually mapping out your customer journey. From the senior leadership team right through to frontline teams, customer journey mapping will help you get clear on what is important at each stage and the touchpoints different stakeholders can influence. This process will enable you to create a consistent experience where potential customers don’t drop out of the funnel and existing customers stay with you as a raving fan endorsing you to family and friends.

So, whether your brand is new to market, a growing brand or a well-established brand, we can help you understand the key touch points and influences, so you can make better, faster decisions on where you want to amp up your presence and how you want to engage at each stage in the journey.

What does a Customer Journey Mapping program cover?

Some of the area we delve into include:

The triggering phase
The discovery phase
The evaluation phase
The purchase phase
The experience phase
The advocacy phase

Within each of these phases we explore the moments, thinking, feeling, pain points, influencers and what you can do to authentically be present and support your customers to seamlessly take the next step in engaging with you.

What customer journey mapping services do we offer?

Depending on your needs our customer journey mapping service can include some or all of the following:

Customer journey mapping design to make sure you are exploring areas that are relevant for your organisation.
Qualitative focus groups, depth interviews, ethnography, accompanied shops.
Customer journey mapping survey questions and the distribution of surveys to the target audience via email, SMS, over the phone or in person.

Our customer journey mapping service spans qualitative research, quantitative research, workshops and consulting. Helping you understand the hearts and minds of your customers at each stage of their journey so you can engage them at every step on the way.

What outputs can I expect from customer journey mapping?

Our customer journey mapping services include:

Written reports (which can range from bullet points and succinct board summaries through to detailed insights)
Customer journey summary maps and detailed journey flows
Customer journey maps for different customer segments, when segments already exist or we assist via our Segmentation and Profiling service
Video vox pops
Interactive dashboards
Presenting insights to project champions, senior executive teams or the board.
Customer journey mapping workshops to help you determine the areas you will focus on to improve the way you connect with your target audience

Customer journey mapping is not a point in time scenario, you need to keep a pulse on how effectively you are engaging across different touchpoints over time. We can help you incorporate or set up key research metrics, so you can see whether different stages of your prospect and customer experience are hitting the mark.

Want to learn more about how we can assist with customer journey mapping research?

Book in for a free strategy session with one of our customer journey mapping research experts. We would love to learn more about how you currently visualise and break down your customer journey and chat about how we can help you to have a healthy, thriving approach to understanding and meeting the needs or different customer groups at each stage in their customer journey.