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Mister Minit

What We Do

Our expertise covers a wide range of market research services, however, it doesn’t end there. We also love customising solutions to meet your needs, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can still do it!

Brand Research
& Strategy

Drive brand strategy through identifying distinctive brand assets and understanding your positioning compared with competitors.

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Employee Engagement

Enhance your employer brand and become an employer of choice. Understand your team’s world and what motivates them. Drive meaningful cultural change.

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Customer Usage and Attitude

Align to what your customers want. U&As allow you to design a product/service offering that meets their needs and a marketing message that speaks to their world.

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Understand common traits of positive customer experiences. Drive word-of-mouth and your net promoter score (NPS) through focusing on areas that promote positive feedback.

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Sales data aggregation
& market sizing

Track category growth compared to industry competitors. Unearth opportunities for greater investment.

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Profiling &

Profile your customer segments, see the size of opportunity and focus your marketing spend and messaging appropriately.

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Campaign/Product Testing & Evaluation

Be confident in launching new products and campaigns. Know if they have shifted market perceptions and where to refine if necessary.

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Efficiently manage your reputation by understanding the issues and quickly responding to customer feedback across multiple online platforms.

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Social Impact

Independently report on the impact your organisation is having with its initiatives and ideate on how to go to the next level.

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Franchisee Satisfaction

Driving engagement with your franchisees lifts customer satisfaction, employee engagement and sales growth! not to mention growth in new franchisees. Benchmark to industry and focus on areas that drive satisfaction.

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Customer journey mapping

Engage with customers at every touchpoint in their journey. Understand how to be the brand of choice at each stage to win new customers and deepen existing client relationships.

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Case Studies

Aaron GJ Gardner Homes

“10 THOUSAND FEET’s research gave us the confidence to refine and implement a new concept which drove $700Million in additional sales in one year”. Aaron Ng, Former Marketing Manager G.J. Gardner Homes and Chief Evolution Officer Primal Agency.

G.J. Gardner Homes Services Included: Product Testing Research, Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Usage and Attitude Research, Segmentation and Profiling Research.

Maria Walton CEO Mister Minit Oceania and South East Asia

“We’ve partnered with 10 THOUSAND FEET since 2009. Their franchisee and employee insights have helped retain our franchisees; average franchise tenure is 15 years vs 7 years for industry. The independent reality 10 THOUSAND FEET provide on team sentiment has given us the confidence to make targeted changes, one saw a State NPS go from minus 70 to plus 10 in just 6 months, another recent change saw a 13% increase in a supply chain satisfaction metric.” Maria Walton, CEO, Oceania & South East Asia.

Mister Minit Oceania & South East Asia Services Included: Franchisee Satisfaction Survey. Employee Satisfaction Survey.

AUSactive Chris Alexander

“10 THOUSAND FEET’s research drove credibility and strategic impact for AUSactive’s advocacy work. 10 THOUSAND FEET enabled us to gather the greatest number of survey responses we’ve ever had. When combined with the clear and concise reporting, the credibility it gave our organisation with media and government stakeholders was significant and enabled us to successfully advocate to get gyms safely reopened” Chris Alexander, GM, Standards and Development, AUSactive

AUSactive Services Included: Social Impact Research. Usage and Attitude Survey. Segmentation and Profiling.

Natalie Rupil, Acting CEO, Glycemic Index Foundation

“Previously it was difficult to measure success and targets. The 10 THOUSAND FEET insights help shape and guide our 5-year strategy. One of the notable gains off the research-led strategy is that 44% of people follow a low GI diet after being recommended by a health professional, which has doubled since 2022. Externally we highlight positive results with Licensees and partners as well as share relatable demographic insights” Natalie Rupil, Acting CEO, Glycemic Index Foundation.

Glycemic Index Foundation Services Included: Brand Research & Strategy, Customer Usage and Attitude Research, Customer Journey Mapping, Segmentation and Profiling Research, Social Impact Research.

Why Us

We are different to other agencies. You should choose us
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We put you at the centre of each project, making you the hero.

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We help you get clear on what you want to achieve, so the research project meets your objectives.



We provide you a hassle-free experience making your time involvement as lite-touch as possible.

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You get your own dedicated insights team who love making market research actionable.

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Ultimately our goal is to help you get to your destination faster, giving you the clarity to make better business decisions with confidence.

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Whether you are big or small, we pride ourselves on our
customer first mentality. We use tried and tested processes and systems with enough room for creative flair, such that you get a great experience every time.

We take data privacy and security seriously. We are on NSW and Federal Government Panels and all our full-time team members have up to date working with children and NDIS working with vulnerable people checks.

We love
helping our clients

We recognise everyone is at a different stage in their
journey and has different needs. Here are some types of people we have helped along the way!

The Stranded Marketing Manager Needing Help

Your team is in need of research but without the insights team to guide the process and ensure it becomes highly actionable

People & Culture Leader Looking for Independence, Insights and Benchmarks

You understand research and are you used to completing it in house, but want to take it to the next level

The Aware CEO Needing Data for Business-Critical Decisions

You are in need of solid research that will drive change and show stakeholders your progress

The Insights Leader looking for a new

You are already utilising the help of other agencies in your business but are looking for one that gets how to value-add and provide actionable insights

We communicate so clearly,
you’ll feel like we’re part of the team.

With an always open line of communication to your dedicated Project Manager and guaranteed weekly project status updates you can rest assured knowing 10 THOUSAND FEET is by your side, every step of the way.

Our Research Experts

will match the right technique to your problem, so you can make transformative
business decisions with confidence




Our Senior Research Consultants are skilled qualitative and quantitative researchers, meaning research techniques are chosen for projects to fit your need rather than what a consultant has a preference for. It also means that qualitative and quantitative research projects fit seamlessly together as insights and learnings carry from one phase to the next.

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