Social Impact Research.

We love helping our clients to understand the social impact they are having with the individuals, communities and environments they engage with. Independent social impact research allows organisations to build trust with stakeholders, measure impact, improve offerings and bring stories to life.

Our social impact research services span both qualitative and quantitative research, from questionnaire design and distribution to focus groups, depth interviews and ethnography. Our research design acknowledges that different clients are at different stages and as a result is fit-for purpose, ensuring you are exploring the areas that are relevant for your organisation and providing evidence to support your theory of change.

Reporting is tailored to each client’s needs with flexibility to go into detail via interactive dashboards and video vox pops, as well as providing succinct written insights, one page data inputs to support your theory of change and presentations on the key opportunities for your senior leaders and board.

Ultimately, our goal is to help take your understanding of your social impact to the next level, allowing you to refine your programs and independently demonstrate your impact to your stakeholders and the communities that you serve.

What makes social impact research important?

If you want to bring a variety of stakeholders on the journey with your organisation it is vital to be able to independently report on the impact your organisation is having with its initiatives. Our years of social impact research has demonstrated this time and time again.

Social impact research is a must to advance your organisation and take your organisation to the next level in five key ways:

◉ Trust: Trust is the cornerstone of any long-term working relationship. Stakeholders need to trust that when they give money to you or co-invest with you that you are driving the social return on investment they are seeking. Whether that be customers, donors, investors, or government. Being able to independently prove the impact of your work is critical.
Measure impact: Without social impact research you won’t know if your initiatives are having their intended impact.
Focus and improve your offering: Social impact research enables you to uncover which aspects of your initiatives are working and where refinements would be helpful to take your impact to the next level. This allows you to be focused in the way you ideate to improve your offering.
Bring your stories to life: Social investment is not just about the head, it is also important to speak to the heart authentically. Research enables you to independently uncover and bring to life the stories of how you are making this world a better place, enabling you to bring stakeholders on the journey so they can share in the joy and satisfaction of your important work.

So, whether your brand is new to market, a growing brand or a well-established brand, we can help you determine what it is you are trying to impact and what you are actually impacting, so you can more clearly articulate your theory of change with key stakeholders and make better, faster decisions on how to take your social impact to the next level.

What social impact research services do we offer?

Depending on your needs our social impact research service can include some or all of the following:

Social impact research design to make sure you are exploring areas that are relevant for your organisation.
Exploring what key social touchpoints you are aiming to influence
Breaking down your bigger picture goals to identify what is significant, where causality can be determined and what is measurable
Evaluation via qualitative depth interviews, focus groups, ethnography and accompanied service visits
Evaluation via quantitative surveys, designing questions and distributing surveys to relevant stakeholders via email, SMS, over the phone or in person
Compiling information from existing quantitative and qualitative sources.

Our Social Impact Research Service spans qualitative research, quantitative research, workshops and consulting. Helping you independently demonstrate the impact your important work is having on society.

What outputs can I expect from social impact research?

Our social impact research services include:

Social return on investment analysis
Written reports (which can range from bullet points and succinct board summaries through to detailed insights)
Summary flowcharts
Video vox pops
Interactive dashboards
Presenting insights to project champions, senior executive teams or the board.
Social impact research workshops to help you ideate and determine the areas you will focus on to improve your social impact and ability to measure your impact

Social impact research is not a point in time scenario, we will help you incorporate or set up key research metrics, so you can keep a pulse on the impact of your important work.

Want to learn more about how we can assist with social impact research?

Book in for a free strategy session with one of our social impact research experts. We would love to learn more about how you currently report on your social impact and chat about how we can help you to have a healthy, thriving approach to social impact reporting to meet the needs of your key stakeholders and ideate on taking your social impact to the next level.