G.J. Gardner Homes, drive $700 Million in sales by researching whether to pursue a new concept.

Client Objective: In order to drive future growth of the business, G.J. Gardner Homes required a better understanding of their core customer and the market in general. In particular G.J. Gardner needed an in-depth understanding of the path to purchase and decision making process, as well as understanding motivations of core customers as well as an expansion target audience.

G.J Gardner also needed to test the appeal of a new concept, which would take significant financial investment but could have a significant pay off on conversion rates.

Services Included: Product Testing Research, Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Usage and Attitude Research, Segmentation and Profiling Research.

Methodology: Focus groups and depth interviews with customers and non-customers across different key markets and different target audiences. Display home intercept interviews with non-customers visiting the display homes.

Outcome: “10 THOUSAND FEET’s research gave us the confidence to refine and implement a new concept which drove $700Million in additional sales in one year” Aaron Ng, Former Marketing Manager G.J. Gardner Homes and Chief Evolution Officer Primal Agency.

Minit retain franchisees twice as long as industry, 15 years vs 7 years

Client Objective: Feed franchisee and employee engagement survey results into business plans and monthly action plans, driving actions towards Mister Minit’s 1st driver of their business plan “Make Every Team Member Matter”. Ultimately aiming to drive system and process improvement to increase retention and engagement with franchisees and employees alike.

Services Included: Franchisee Satisfaction Survey. Employee Engagement Survey.

Methodology: Utilising our industry leading franchisee satisfaction survey and employee engagement survey instruments and process we independently and objectively measure satisfaction across a collective 100 metrics. With our deep understanding of Mister Minit and the unique nature of the franchise industry this also includes questions tailored to Mister Minit’s unique needs.

Outcome: “We have been partnering with 10 THOUSAND FEET since 2009. Their franchisee and employee insights have helped retain our franchisees; average franchise tenure is 15 years vs 7 years for industry. The independent reality 10 THOUSAND FEET provide on team sentiment has given us the confidence to make targeted changes, one saw a State NPS go from minus 70 to plus 10 in just 6 months, another recent change saw a 13% increase in a supply chain satisfaction metric.”

Maria Walton, CEO, Oceania & South East Asia

Mister Minit Team In Store
Low Gi Products

GI Foundation double recommendations from health professionals due to research-led strategy.

Client Objective:  The core project objective is to measure the Glycemic Index Foundations’ (GIF’s) brand health amongst health-conscious consumers, people living with or at risk of diabetes and those that are aware of GIF and the GI symbol.

The results are crucial to measuring the success of a 3-year and 5- year strategy, feeding into GIF’s mission of raising awareness of the Glycemic Index Foundation and the GI certified symbol among Australian consumers.

Services Included: Brand Research & Strategy, Customer Usage and Attitude Research, Customer Journey Mapping, Segmentation and Profiling Research, Social Impact Research.

Methodology: Annual quantitative survey with the general population along with an additional focus on health-conscious consumers and people living with or at risk of diabetes. The quantitative survey is also conducted with GI Foundation database members.

Outcome: “Previously it was difficult to measure success and targets. The 10 THOUSAND FEET insights help shape and guide our 5-year strategy.

One of the notable gains off the research-led strategy is that 44% of people follow a low GI diet after being recommended by a health professional, which has doubled since 2022.

Externally we highlight positive results with Licensees and partners as well as share relatable demographic insights.”

Natalie Rupil, Acting CEO, Glycemic Index Foundation

AUSactive support their advocacy work with strategic research to successfully and safely reopen gyms.

Client Objective:  Provide real data on the impact of gym closures through the Covid-19 pandemic so that AUSactive (then Fitness Australia) could use the research for it’s essential advocacy work to drive the reopening of gyms.

Services Included: Social Impact Research. Usage and Attitude Survey. Segmentation and Profiling.

Methodology: Online quantitative survey of 14,433 members of the gym going public on the impact of gym closures.

Outcome: “10 THOUSAND FEET’S approach enabled us to get the greatest amount of survey responses we’ve ever had, which drove credibility for the study.  The clear and concise information provided in the reporting positively impacted AUSactive’s advocacy narrative. The associated credibility it gave our organisation with media and government stakeholders at time when we were relatively unknown to stakeholders outside of the gym/fitness industry was significant. As a result, it had a strong strategic impact on the advocacy work we were doing at the time to successfully get gyms reopened. The research project also made us realise the importance of data driven decisions and since then we definitely use this a lot more.”

Chris Alexander, General Manager, Standards and Development AUSactive

WageSafe use research to help secure initial funding.

Client Objective:  Identify the Total Addressable market (TAM) for WageSafe, which at the time was a new start-up, ahead of seeking venture capital investment.

Services Included: Profiling & Segmentation. Marketing Sizing.

Methodology: Quantifying the number of employers with a certain number of employees by industry, and how many total employees they employed by industry.

Outcome: “We needed to put our best foot forward to attract potential investors. Given 10 Thousand Feet’s deep knowledge of business across a wide range of sectors, our project was completed very quickly, exceeding our expectations.

We were able to successfully secure initial funding.”

Steve Champion, Co-Founder WageSafe.

Fitness Enhancement Grow their Reputation and Recruit New Team Members

Client Objective:  Grow the brand and attract and convert potential team members.

Services Included: Franchisee Satisfaction Survey. Employee Satisfaction Survey.

Methodology: Independently survey Fitness Enhancement’s Franchisees and Employees entering them into two awards programs we run.

Outcome: “We are a relatively smaller brand that has been operating for 24 years. 10 THOUSAND FEET’s balanced transparent approach has increased our credibility significantly and has seen people who had been sitting in our HR pipeline for years, recontact us and join us with the confidence that we are an award-winning brand. They have been onboarded and are loving being a part of our team.” Scott Hunt, Founder Fitness Enhancement Personal Training