WageSafe use research to help secure initial funding .

Steve Champion, Co-Founder WageSafe.

WageSafe engaged us to identify the Total Addressable market (TAM) for WageSafe, which at the time was a new start-up, ahead of seeking venture capital investment.

Utilising our skills in secondary research we were able to quickly find reputable information WageSafe needed to support their business case for investment.

About WageSafe

WageSafe provides real-time, ongoing auditing of your payroll compliance.

Goals for working with 10 THOUSAND FEET

Identify the Total Addressable Market (TAM) for WageSafe, which at the time was a new start-up, ahead of seeking venture capital investment.


The brief involved marketing sizing and segmenting the market. Given the subject matter we chose secondary research as the best approach to provide reputable data on the Total Addressable Market.


We quantified the number of employers with a certain number of employees by industry, and how many total employees they employed by industry. We accompanied this with a high level review of the market landscape.

WageSafe needed to put their best foot forward to attract potential investors and were able to successfully secure their initial funding.

WageSafe’s experience working with 10 THOUSAND FEET

WageSafe appreciated our expertise in research design and providing trusted data to investors to be able to understand the size of the opportunity and support their case for business investment.

“Given 10 Thousand Feet’s deep knowledge of business across a wide range of sectors, it was a simple process to get them started on our project, which was completed very quickly, exceeding our expectations.

We enjoyed the whole process, which was remarkably quick and easy and gave us the data we were seeking in a reporting format that was designed to be simple to understand.” Steve Champion, Co-Founder WageSafe.

WageSafe’s time investment

Briefing: 40 minutes

Reviewing results: 30 minutes

Actioning insights: 2 minutes.

Total time 72 minutes.