Brand Health Research.

We love helping our clients utilise brand health research to take their brand from strength to strength. Brand health research helps you to know where your brand stands and identify key opportunities to grow so you can remain relevant long into the future.

Our brand health research services span both qualitative and quantitative research, from questionnaire design and distribution to focus groups, ethnography and in-situ observations. You can choose between an extensive range of pre-designed frameworks for evaluating the impact of your brand or create a bespoke one specific to your needs.

We can help you measure brand performance through each stage of the brand funnel, identify and leverage distinctive brand assets, explore your brand’s positioning, highlight what should be the key messaging focal points and help you build and stay true to your brand strategy.

Reporting is tailored to each client’s needs with flexibility to go into detail via interactive dashboards and video vox pops, as well as providing succinct written insights and presentations on the key opportunities for your senior leaders and board.

Ultimately our goal is to help you take your brand health to the next level, ensuring you have the right tools to get you there.

What makes brand health research important?

Just like we get regular check-ups with our healthcare professionals and advice on how to remain healthy moving forward, the same goes for ensuring the health of brands.

Brand health research can help you get clear on what steps you need to take to strengthen your brand’s standing in five key ways:

Measure your performance: Get a read on your brand awareness, brand consideration, brand purchase rates and brand preference. Understand your brand funnel performance and compare this performance with your closest competitors

Identify brand equity traits: Know what makes your brand healthy. What assets does your brand own? How can you leverage these assets? What distinctive assets can you own and promote? Understand your brand identity relative to other key players and where your brand can stretch to

Enhance your brand positioning: Get clarity on what the market knows you for and what consumers look for in a brand in your industry. By exploring brand positioning in the marketplace, you can make your brand message significantly more effective in encouraging consumers to consider you and purchase from you

Maintain your brands health: Design a brand management approach to ensure you remain relevant and successful in the eyes of your target consumers. Brand building will be smoother and easier as you understand your universe and the campaign channels and messaging that can take you to the next level or protect your market leadership

Drive brand strategy: Establish a brand strategy that is true to the essence of the brand story.

So, whether yours is a new brand to market, a growing brand, or a well-established brand, understanding where you sit relative to other players in the market is vital to gauge your current state of play, enabling you to make better, faster decisions on how to take your brand to new heights.

What brand health research services do we offer?

Depending on your needs, our brand health research services can include some or all of the following:

Brand health research design to make sure you are exploring and measuring the areas that are relevant for your organisation.
Qualitative focus groups, depth interviews, ethnography, in-situ observations.
Brand health survey questions and distribution to the target audience via email, SMS, over the phone or in person
You can utilise our pre-designed frameworks for evaluating the potential and realised impact of your brand or a bespoke model can be created specifically for you.

Our brand health research service spans both qualitative and quantitative research. This connected approach provides the insights you need to maintain a healthy and thriving brand. Enabling you to refine your strategy,  plan for the future and lift your brand’s performance via your next campaign.

What outputs can I expect from brand health research?

Our brand health research services include:

Written reports (which can range from bullet points and succinct board summaries through to detailed insights)
Video vox pops
Interactive dashboards
Straight forward funnels, charts and visualisations combined with sophisticated regression analysis and segmentation that we make easy to understand and socialise amongst your stakeholders
Presenting insights to project champions, senior executive teams or the board.

Brand health research is not a point in time scenario, you need to keep a pulse on an ongoing basis to ensure you are maintaining a healthy brand. We can help you incorporate or set up key research metrics, so you can see how your brand health is changing over time and if you are hitting your key performance benchmarks.

Want to learn more about how we can assist with brand health research?

Book in for a free strategy session with one of our brand health research experts. We would love to learn more about your current approach to brand health and chat about how we can help you create and maintain a healthy, thriving brand.