Auckland Based Market Research.

10 THOUSAND FEET is a market research agency with a strong legacy in Auckland, Taupo and the North Island. We offer a full range of research services covering both qualitative and quantitative disciplines. If you are looking for a trusted market research agency in Auckland, we provide a series of ready-made and custom research solutions to help your business make informed decisions.

Our understanding of the North Island and consumer demographics and psychographics allows us to create actionable insights to help drive organisations forward.

We have years of experience working with leading local brands and multi-national brands with headquarters in Auckland and the North Island. So, if you need market insights for your business in greater Auckland, our market research agency can support you with local knowledge, coupled with reach across the North Island, South Island, Australia and APAC.

So, whether you are based in Auckland, or anywhere in the world for that matter, and are looking for a market research agency to help in answering those burning questions, feel free to reach out and we will be happy to assist!