Customer Satisfaction Research.

We love helping our clients have more satisfied customers. Satisfied customers can help to drive growth and improve not only your customer retention but also the retention of your employees!

Our range of customer satisfaction research spans customer journey mapping, customer usage and attitude research and customer satisfaction surveys (including NPS and Customer Effort Score (CES 2.0)). We can also scrape third-party review sites such as Facebook, Google and Product Review.

Reporting is tailored to each client’s needs with flexibility to go into detail via interactive dashboards and video vox pops, as well as providing succinct written insights and presentations on the key opportunities for your senior leaders and board.

Ultimately our goal is to help you brighten your customers day by taking your understanding of your customers satisfaction to the next level!

What makes customer satisfaction research important?

Our years of customer satisfaction research data shows us clearly that having more satisfied customers leads to multiple benefits to stakeholders and your bottom line.

Improving your customer satisfaction levels can advance your organisation in three key ways:

Drive growth: All our research data shows that happier customers lead to higher levels of repeat trade, stronger organic growth and higher conversion rates in the bottom of the funnel to win new customers.
Employee Retention: From our employee engagement research, our data shows that creating an environment that leads to happy satisfied customers, helps in maintaining happy satisfied employees.
Brighten your customers day: As a customer satisfaction research company, we also know that creating an amazing customer experience, will simply lead to brightening the day of your valued customers.

So, whether your brand is new to market, a growing brand or a well-established brand, we can help you understand and track your customer experience, so you can make better, faster decisions on how to take your customer satisfaction to new heights.

What does a customer satisfaction research program cover?

Depending on your needs our customer satisfaction research service can include some or all of the following:

Customer journey mapping to map out all the touchpoints and influences in the customer journey.
Customer usage and attitude research to understand how customers think about and engage with the category your organisation operates in.
Customer satisfaction workshops to help you determine the areas you will focus on to improve customer satisfaction.
Customer satisfaction research design to make sure you are exploring and measuring the areas that are relevant for your organisation.
Customer satisfaction surveys (often suited to lower involvement products/services or where there is a high volume of transactions) this will also typically include Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Effort Score (CES 2.0) questions and the distribution of surveys to customers via email, SMS, over the phone or in person.
Scraping third party reviews such as Google, Facebook and Product Review so you can understand what is being said about you via formal and informal channels.
Customer satisfaction depth interviews (often suited to high involvement products/services or a high value low volume product/service).

Our customer satisfaction research service spans both qualitative research and quantitative research. Helping you understand the hearts and minds of your customers so you can focus on the levers that will raise customer satisfaction levels.

What outputs can I expect from customer satisfaction research?

Our customer satisfaction research analysis services include:

Written reports (which can range from Bullet Points and succinct Board Summaries through to Detailed Insights)
Video vox pops
Interactive dashboards
Case management tracking for closing the loop on customer issues
Benchmarking compared to competitors
Presenting insights to project champions, senior executive teams or the board.

Customer satisfaction is not a point in time scenario, you need to keep a pulse on your customer’s experience on an ongoing basis to make sure that service standards meet your expectations. However, it is not just about meeting your and your customers’ expectations, our extensive research of online reviews shows that potential customers will look at the most recent reviews your organisation has received, making you only as good as the most recent experience customers have had.

Want to learn more about how we can assist with Customer Satisfaction research?

Book in for a free strategy session with one of our customer satisfaction research experts. We would love to learn more about your current customer experience and chat about how we can help you to have a healthy, thriving customer experience.